This is for the customer who wants to make their own No-Sew Fleece Blanket-


58” WIDE

Our FLEECE is: The THICKEST fleece blanket available! 
The SOFTEST fleece blanket available
Machine washable and ANTI-PILL for DURABILITY

Licensed, Copyrighted and available in LIMITED QUANTITIES.

Sharp and vivid prints with a realistic 3D-like quality
The back has the exact same print with the same vividness of color. Only the wording is reversed.

The images have a photo-like quality and are sharp and vivid. Our Fleece is 100% spun polyester, machine washable with anti-pill technology so you can treasure this item for years to come.


DIRECTIONS * You can use one, or two pieces of fleece the same size. Piece may be the same pattern, two different patterns, two plain colors or a pattern on one side and a plain color on the other.. Remove the selvages (fabric fray) * Place the squares over each other, wrong sides together. * Cut a 5″ square from each corner. * To cut fringe, lay one piece of fabric on the floor/table, and then fold the 5″ to be fringed back. * Cut fringe 1″ wide and 5″ deep on all sides. * Using a overhand knot, tie the front and back fringe together. * Do this all the way around the blanket being careful not to stretch the fabric. *

Step back and pat yourself on the back. Your completed no-sew fleece blanket is done! Wrap it up in a box or roll it up and tie a ribbon around it in your own signature fashion. What an easy and lasting gift for that special someone.


via MARINE CORPS ALLOVER FLEECE FABRIC [NO SEW MARINECOPRS-012] – $13.00 : Fleece Blankets, Throws, Blanket Throws.


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